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During the pandemic Northstar Church kept receiving calls from the community asking if we had a pre-school to care for children 2.5 - 5 years of age. The calls were so frequent that we began asking the question if a pre-school in our building would be possible. It was evident that there was a need for pre-school education in Quesnel but there were not enough spaces. So with a few conversations and a lot of due-diligence we decided that we would open up Little Stars Pre-School.  It has been quite the journey. The most difficult challenge has been enticing highly qualified staff to Quesnel to care for your children. We are delighted to have hired highly motivated and overly qualified staff that will educate and entertain the imaginations of all the children they will care for. September 2022 will be our opening month and we are excited to meet you and your little ones. 


Pre-school is an important step in a child’s early education. Every child is unique with special abilities, interests, and characteristics. Little Stars Pre-school, located in the Northstar Church building which offers an enriching, safe and stimulating environment that recognizes the God-given uniqueness of each child and allows them to explore and develop a love for learning. The program at Little Stars Pre-school offers an excellent, play-based educational curriculum that includes language, music, art, science, physical education and mathematics, providing opportunities to foster creativity, imagination, self-expression and self-awareness in each child. The significant transition from home to school becomes a positive experience with caring, qualified teachers who reinforce the important values that are experienced at home.

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